The New Standard in Title Services

Every aspect of our company is based on three pillars: speed, simplicity, and service. Designed from the ground up with real estate investors in mind, Fairfield Title, LLC was built to set a new standard in the antiquated world of title services using new processes, technology, and superior customer service. See first-hand how much better it can be working with a company that prioritizes your success through a smarter, smoother process.



Efficiency and real expertise – it’s a simple equation that results in faster closings. We know real estate investors need to move quickly in a competitive market so we’ve created a system that eliminates lag time and gets you to the closing table faster.


Nobody needs antiquated processes and redundant paperwork to add to the confusion or real estate transactions. We designed our process from start to finish with streamlined steps and documents as well as proprietary technology so that you can experience a smoother, faster closing.



If you look at the reviews for other title companies, customer service is almost always at the heart of their clients’ complaints. We know the importance of service and communication during the title process, and we want you to feel that we value each and every transaction just as much as you do.


Why Choose Fairfield Title?


We understand the frustrations of so many real estate investors and agents who have struggled with antiquated title companies that complicated or even compromised the closings of their real estate transactions. For that very reason, we founded Fairfield Title, LLC. We wanted our clients to see first-hand that title and escrow services did not have to be outdated, slow, and plagued by poor communication. We know that closings can be smarter and faster, so we invite you to speak with one of our representatives about what makes our process a better choice for your next real estate transaction.