About Fairfield Title, LLC


Turning a Problem into an Opportunity

We know there are plenty of title companies out there. We didn’t found Fairfield Title, LLC to solve a lack of availability, but to solve a lack of quality for investors. Some title companies do a stellar job with traditional real estate transactions, but their lack of focus and expertise when it comes to investments comes at the price of their investor clients. From our roots as real estate investors, we’ve experienced these substandard options firsthand and we knew that other investors must be putting up with the same thing. Our frustration forged the foundation of our company – an opportunity to rewrite the status quo of title services from the perspective of a real estate investor. Fairfield Title, LLC is the brainchild of District Title, an experienced traditional title company, and Washington Capital Partners, an innovative hard money lender. It was an opportunity for both companies to put their investor-focused knowledge and experience together to create a new kind of title company; one that will set the new standard for title companies that serve investor clients.

Setting the New Standard

We started with simpler, streamlined processes and documents. Next, we tackled security through innovative technology. Lastly, we committed to a superior experience for the customer with a strict commitment to service from knowledgeable and capable team members. These are the pillars that govern everything Fairfield Title, LLC does – speed, simplicity, and service.

Earning Your Business

We’re proud of the company that we’ve built and we want you to experience firsthand how much smarter and smoother your closings can be. From our time as real estate investors, we know how important it is for you to have a trusted and capable title company in your corner. We believe that Fairfield Title, LLC can be that for you. We invite you to speak with one of our representatives about what makes our process a better choice for your next real estate transaction.